The study of menbranstabilising, reparating and antiexsudating properties of ointment with Aronia melanocarpa

  • D.V. Semeniv -
Keywords: Aronia melanocarpa, antiexsudating activity, zimozanic swoll, linear wounds, thermal inflammation


There were investigated membranstabilising (model of spontaneous gemolisys of red corpuscles for rats), reparating (model of linear sword-cut for rats) and antiinflammating (zimozanic swoll for rats and thermal inflammation for mice) properties of ointment with Aronia’s melanocarpa oleum.

It was set that the ointment with Aronia’s melanocarpa oleum excels reference-preparat. Hippophae’s oleum by membranstabilising activity in 1,4 times and by antiinflammating activity in 1,2 times.

The got results testify to perspective of further study of ointment with Aronia’s melanocarpa oleum with the purpose of ground of the use in practical medicine.


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