Marketing research ukrainian market antiplatelet agents

  • E. A. Redkina Zaporizhzhia State Medical University
  • N. O. Tkachenko Zaporizhzhia State Medical University
  • V. V. Gladishev Zaporizhzhia State Medical University
Keywords: antiplatelet agents, market research, market


Antiplatelets are present at prevention and therapy of cardiovascular diseases necessarily.

The aim of this work is organizing of informational file about medicines with antiplatelet activity, determination of actuality and advisability of development of the new dosage forms based on marketing analysis of home-produced antiplatelets.

In Ukraine the «Antiplatelet» group is contain 87 registered nomenclature positions according to international classification ATC. They are produced by the 49 producers from the 18 countries. At present the most part of this segment of pharmaceutical market is presented by the foreign firm-producers – their part is 55,2%, the part of the Ukrainian producers is 44,8%. Assortment is formed by the 11 antiplatelet subgroups and the main role belongs to В01АС04 Clopidogrel, its part is 44,8%.

Combined medicines count 5 propositions from the all antiplatelets, it is 8% of the whole of antiplatelet assortment.

The solid dosage forms – tablets – prevail in all assortment structure (76 proposals or 87,3% of the nomenclature of this group). Moreover solutions for injections – 8 proposals or 9,2% of the nomenclature, capsules and solutions for inhalations – 2 and 1 proposals or 2,3% and 1,2% accordingly are presented.

So, Ukrainian antiplatelet market is formed by the foreign producers mainly. The acute deficiency of the combined medicines is noted. Subgroup Clopidogrel has the largest variety of goods and propositions. By amount of the dosage forms this segment of pharmaceutical market is rather monotonous – solid dosage forms (tablets and capsules) prevail in more than 90%. So all of the above mentioned determines a perspective tendency for the further investigations on the new antiplatelet dosage forms.


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