Expert evaluation of prescription drugs at the regional pharmaceutical market and its direction improvements

  • A. P. Gudzenko SI «Lugansk State Medical University»
  • S. V. Barnatovych SI «Lugansk State Medical University»
Keywords: drugs, prescription, self-medication, polypharmacy, anketiroanie, recipes of international nonproprietary names


Low efficiency of state regulation of medicines in Ukraine led to the disruption of prescription drugs, which led to negative effects on the system of the pharmaceutical provision of the population: the improper prescribing, dispensing violation of pharmacies, significant proliferation of self and polypharmacy.

Purpose ‒ a survey of pharmaceutical workers who are directly involved in practical activities, to establish their views on the problems and ways to improve the prescription drugs on the example of the regional pharmaceutical market and review of the literature on the study of international experience of prescription drugs for introduction in Ukraine.

To achieve this goal in the used scientific methods: information search, graphic, studies and surveys. The experts were 66 managers and pharmacists pharmacy network of municipal and private ownership of Lugansk region, controlled by Ukraine.

The studies reflected the main cause of the problem of prescription drugs: the spread of self-medication and polypharmacy, lack of an effective mechanism for monitoring compliance with the rules of prescribing, the lack of a sufficient number of prescription forms in health facilities, the lack of knowledge by doctors nomenclature of drugs, the presence of oschibok in obtaining prescriptions, errors in names, dosage and drug holidays rules, the existence of unresolved problems for the introduction of prescribing by INN. Most pharmacists (71%) the cause of the implementation of prescription drugs without a prescription from a pharmacy institutions referred to the need to provide medical aid to the patient, and 21% of the experts ‒ the need to increase turnover and profit pharmacy.

According to respondents, the problem of prescription in Ukraine can be solved by reforming the regulatory framework prescription and the establishment of an effective mechanism of its control, as well as through the introduction of compulsory medical insurance reimbursement and implementation mechanism.

Taking into account international experience, one of the most effective ways to solve the problem of prescription is the introduction of e-prescribing system that will avoid errors in prescribing, relieve doctors' offices and medical, neutralize the problem of shortage of prescription forms. But for Ukraine could be to introduce a system of electronic recipes, you must create an electronic document standards in the health care system, to determine the groups of drugs, what system of electronic formulations can be extended, to work out a list of relevant legislative and normative ‒ legal documents.

It should also take into account the experience of foreign countries in prescribing by INN. But given the factors inherent in the Ukraine ‒ the lack of evidence of bioequivalence of a significant number of generic drug companies lobbying in prescribing drugs and leave doctors and pharmacists, there is a risk for the patient to obtain an improper choice of pharmacotherapy at independent pharmacist trade name drugs. Therefore, the introduction of this system in Ukraine should be addressed quality and safety issues, bioequivalence and therapeutic equivalence of generics, which will eliminate the negative impact on patients' health. At the same time, it must be nayavnoy open publication of the level of evidence of therapeutic equivalence and effectiveness of all drugs that are allowed on the pharmaceutical market of Ukraine (as an example, the US Orange Book).


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