Research on the using of the holistic marketing concept in the activity of Ukrainian pharmaceutical company

Keywords: holistic marketing, pharmaceutical company, relationship marketing, internal marketing,integrated marketing, socially responsible marketing


A new marketing approach that allows pharmaceutical companies to successfully adapt to the changing external environment can be considered as a holistic marketing. This concept consists of interacting elements influences on the consumers’satisfaction in effective, safe and available pharmaceutical products.

The aim of the work is the analysis of application of the holistic marketing elements on the example of Ukrainian pharmaceutical manufacturing enterprise and the model development for this concept implementation in the activity of pharmaceutical companies.

Materials and methods: content analysis, survey method, logical and system analysis.

The research is conducted based on Ukrainian pharmaceutical manufacturing company– LLC «Yuria-Pharm». The survey of company`s employees on the use of holistic marketing elements has been carried out. According to the results, the vast majority of respondents are women from 25 to 44, with work experience in the company up to 5 years, with higher medical, pharmaceutical or economic education. As a rule, respondents hold senior positions in the different departments or directly involved in promotion of the company’s products.According to results obtained, 91.4% respondents understand the values of the company, and 85.7% completely share them. Almost half of respondents suppose that company policy supports their leadership traits development (internal marketing). 68.6% employees sure that the company should take into account the interests of society, focusing on the development of scientific research and support of gifted youth (socially responsible marketing).It has determined that only 34% respondents are constantly interacting with other departments’ employees (integrated marketing).The vast majority of employees cooperate with health facilities (54.3%) and suppliers (51.4%).The respondents have the most productive relations with wholesale companies, health facilities, suppliers and customers (relationship marketing).Respondents estimate relations between the company and its key stakeholders rather positively.Nevertheless, it is worth working in this direction.

The model of holistic marketing for its implementation in the activities of pharmaceutical companies for provision of the population in Ukraine with available, effective and safe medicines has been developed. The perspective direction of future research is the adaptation of the holistic marketing concept to the current realities of pharmaceutical market and the practical recommendations formulation regarding the holistic approach in the creation of a marketing strategy.


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