Research of the current state of the vitaminary preparations market in Ukraine

Keywords: vitamins, vitamin and mineral complexes, dietary supplements, market analysis, assortment dynamics analysis


Recently, the popularization of obligatory preventive use of multivitamin preparations has been observed, and, as a result of this, they have become an integral part of the modern lifestyle. This is precisely what determines the relevance and necessity of researching the market of vitamin and mineral complexes in Ukraine.

A feature of the current state of the vitamin market is their positioning in the form of both drugs and dietary supplements (DS). In view of this, research of the assortment dynamics of product range, the features of the competitive environment for this group of drugs are important. Therefore, the purpose of our work was to analyze the dynamics of the range of vitamin drugs and compare them with the range of vitamin DS.

The material of the study was an assortment of vitamin drugs and DS according to the manuals «Compendium. Medicines» of different years of publication in period from1999 to 2019 and site as of February 2019. Such research methods of market conditions analysis for vitamin products as generalization, systematization, comparative analysis were used.

The analysis of the dynamics of the range of vitamin medicines in Ukraine during 1999-2019 was conducted. It was determined that the maximum amount of vitamin products was presented in the pharmaceutical market of Ukraine in 2007 (267 items by trade names), the minimum – in 2016 (119 preparations). At the beginning of 2019 the number of vitamin medicines is 170. 21 Ukrainian producers offered 84 vitamin drugs, which is almost half of the registered positions (49,4%). Another 86 drugs (51,6% of the analyzed population) are represented by 30 manufacturers from 18 countries of the world. Among the foreign producers, the largest number of positions is offered by manufacturers from the USA (22), Germany (15), Israel (9), and Slovenia (8). On the information resource in the section «Dietary Supplements», there were 325 presented items of vitamin supplements from 126 manufacturers, which is almost twice the number of registered vitamin medicines (170). All 16 vitamin drug manufacturers also have diet supplements in their portfolio. For 5 producers, the amount of supplements exceeds the supply of drugs in the investigated segment: Queisser Pharma, Bayer, Beringer Ingelheim, Dr. Theiss Naturwaren (all – Germany), Polfarma (Poland) and Valeant (Canada).


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