Analysis of the pneumonia morbidity in children in order to optimize pharmaceutical aid

  • V. V. Trokhimchuk Shupyk National Medical Academy of Post-graduate Education, Куiv
  • O. I. Belyaeva Odesa National Medical University
Keywords: morbidity, mortality, pneumonia, children


To analyze the health of the child population used  statistical incidence, disease prevalence, their gender features and age characteristics, mortality. According to WHO, among the major causes of child mortality, the share of pneumonia accounts for 19% of all deaths. In Ukraine in the structure of infant mortality pneumonia ranked third.The aim of the work was to study the structure of child morbidity with respiratory diseases and pneumonia in Ukraine and separately of Southern region.

The material of the study are the data of medical statistics. The study used informational, statistical and graphical methods.

The study found that respiratory diseases occupy a leading place in the structure of child morbidity in Ukraine, with a 67.1% share. It was found that the share of children (0–17 years) in 2015 accounted for 65 411 cases of pneumonia (32%). The analysis showed that the incidence of pneumonia is characterized by age and regional differencies. Thus, the highest rates are observed in children aged 0–14 years and of urban children. According to the statistical analysis of the Southern region, in the Kherson region incidence rate of pneumonia was significantly higher than the national average. Conducted analysis of normative documents regulating the treatment of pneumonia in children. It turned out that in documents there are groups of drugs without a specific medication lists. It is necessary to conduct pharmacoeconomic analysis of rational choice of drugs and rational use of healthcare resources.


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