Study of fractional composition of the new drug of trophinotropines groups - Cerebral

  • I. Vasileva -
  • A. Makarenko -
  • Yu.K Korolov -
  • Yu. Karandeyeva -
Keywords: trophinotropins, peptides, antistroke preparation, fractionation, gel chromatography


New neurotropic drug of trophinotropines group Cerebral get from brain of pigs with experimentally reproduced hemorrhagic stroke. After extraction and processing of the active substance obtained preparation is a peptide trophinotropic regulatory factor for brain cytokines, which are actively produced by cells of damaged brain tissue in post-stroke (post-traumatic) period.

When it is splinted on the gel-chromatography column were obtained 4 general factions of the drug for which the average molecular weights was determined.

Identified differences between the fractional composition Cerebral (extract of the cerebral cortex of pigs successfully underwent hemorrhagic stroke) and the control of the drug (extract cortex of intact animals) show different abilities intact and “treated stroke “of brain tissue to accumulate individual substances of peptide nature.


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