A relational database with pharmaceutical information: problems of creation and primary filling for provision of a qualitative statistical processing

Keywords: pharmacy information, drug form, drug dose, a structure of a relational database


The disclosure of pharmaceutical information is not intended to provide the possibility of further automated processing of the data provided by independent experts, and, accordingly, the choice of the methods of presentation is aimed to optimize visual perception by users.

The aim of the work was to analyze in the internet-sources the availability of information in the appropriate format for automatic filling of the relational database. The subjects of the study were: ATC: ICD-10 (International Classification of Diseases); content of EF 9.8; classification of dosage forms by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, FDA (Food and Drug Administration, USA), EMA (European Medicines Agency) and EphMRA (European Pharmaceutical Market Research Association). Methods used are review of information with the corresponding structure in the internet, processing of the information found using computer code.

Approbation was carried out on the basis of the digital online system «Likypedia» (http://likypedia.zzz.com.ua; http://facebook.com/likypedia).

The basic goals for the quality of the results of statistical processing of pharmaceutical information are formed. To achieve them, a list of required information for the initial download to the relational database is defined. The sources of the received information which was used for initial loading to the relational database are presented. The multicomponent record of pharmaceutical information is described.

The list of dosage forms was formed on the basis of own practical experience, trends in the indication on packaging of medicines by manufacturers, electronic databases of pharmaceutical wholesalers, the titles of articles given in the EF 9.8 edition. Information from different sources about pharmaceutical dosage forms was analyzed and divided into five information blocks: made by manufacturer; its characteristic; for DF, which will be prepared with DF produced by the manufacturer; its characteristic; way of using DF.

A variant has been developed and presented for structuring the information record of the drug dose in the relational database in several variants, which makes it possible to further carry out automated calculations, optimize the selection and sorting of data.


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