Analysis of terminology and definition of components of the process of rational use of drugs in ukraine

  • I. V. Pestun National University of Pharmacy, Kharkіv
  • S. V. Zhadko National University of Pharmacy, Kharkіv
Keywords: drugs, rational use of drugs, providing the population with drugs, National Drug Policy


According to WHO recommendations, the rational use of drugs includes a block of problem issues, and it is an important area that requires detailed analysis and government regulation through the development of the National Drug policy.

The aim of the paper is a comprehensive analysis of the terminology, approaches to the definition of "rational use of drugs" and the main components providing rational use of drugs. The research materials include the scientific papers of domestic and foreign scientists, publications and official documents of international organizations (WHO, FIP) and Ukrainian normative and legal base on providing the population with drugs. The study used the methods of system, historical and logical analysis.

 The article analyzes the history of the issue, terminology and approaches to the definition of "rational use of drugs" as well as an interpretation of the term in accordance with domestic law. Pharmacotherapeutic, pharmacoeconomic, information, marketing, organizational and administrative, social, educational and competence components of rational use of drugs are allocated. Their content and general measures is disclosed and their relationship is shown. Further research should be focused on the definition of certain areas and the development of measures to promote rational use of drugs Ukraine.


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