The capability of L'viv pharmaceutical institutions to produce extemporaneous compounding in cases of emergency recovery

  • Ye.Ye. Yevstratjev -
  • T.G. Kalynyuk -
  • O.P. Bojko -
Keywords: pharmaceutical institutions, extemporaneous compounding, cases of emergency, medications


The structure of the pharmaceutical service system has been studied and the connection of its elements with the other elements of the system has been identified. The ways of providing hospitals and medical centers with medications have been found. The number of pharmacies authorized to extemporaneous compounding and to aseptic production on the territory of L'viv oblas't' has been defined. The material and technical facilities of the hospital and interhospital pharmaceutical institutions and the pharmacies authorized to aseptic production in L'viv have been studied. The level of providing pharmaceutical institutions with technical equipment and substances for extemporaneous compounding in cases of emergency recovery has been researched. The staffing level of pharmaceutical institutions of L'viv and their ability to work under the conditions of emergency recovery have been examined.


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