Scientific and methodological approaches to the assessment of intellectual potential of domestic pharmaceutical companies

  • О. V. Litvinova National University of Pharmacy, Kharkіv
  • O. V. Posilkina National University of Pharmacy, Kharkіv
Keywords: intellectual resources, invention, innovative drug, market share


Currently, the state and effectiveness of intellectual resources management system define competitiveness, strategic position and prospects of the development of modern pharmaceutical companies.

The aim is to study scientific and methodological approaches to the assessment and management of intellectual resources of domestic pharmaceutical companies with a view to identify the reserves for increasing process management. It has analyzed the level of intellectual resources (market share of pharmaceutical companies, the share of innovative drugs in the portfolio of pharmaceutical companies, the share of commercialized intellectual property, the personnel component of intellectual resources; as of June 2016) in domestic pharmaceutical companies. Analysis of intellectual resources of Ukrainian pharmaceutical companies has allowed to identify 4 groups. The first group includes pharmaceutical companies, which have the highest value of the integral index of intellectual resources, as well as the high share of controlled pharmaceutical market. This group includes pharmaceutical companies: CJSC «Farmak», Pharmaceutical firm «Darnytsa», pharmaceutical company «Zdorovie», «Arterium» Corporation. The analysis has shown that this pharmaceutical companies with a view to retain its market position it is reasonable to use offensive innovation strategy. Analysis of effective intellectual resource management in domestic pharmaceutical companies as PJSC SIC «Borshchahivskiy CPP», PC «Kyiv Vitamin Factory», JSC «Lekhim», PJSC «Red star», «Yuria-Pharm», PC «Fitofarm» (the second group) has showed that the gradual intensification of innovation activity will allow to remain significant players in Ukrainian pharmaceutical market, especially for this they have appropriate technical, financial, human and scientific potential. It is proved that the management of intellectual resources in the pharmacy should be system administered at the macro, meso, micro levels, and provide for the development of cross-level relationships that contribute to the sustainable development of the domestic pharmacy.


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