Research of quantitative content of the iodine compounds of medical plants, possessing thyreoid action

  • I.N. Vladymyrova -
Keywords: medical raw material, catarrhal diseases, analytical methods, iodine compounds


In the article the results of comparative determination of connections of iodine are resulted in the different types of medicinal raw materials – representatives exterminating, reservoirs and above-ground plants. Used methods of voltammetry and titrimetric method which are an express enough at implementation, enable to get reliable and reproduced results and possess a high sensitiveness. Most maintenance of general iodine is set in the probed kelp – Fucus and Laminaria. The experimental findings are determined by further work assignments on a division and determination of high-quality composition and quantitative maintenance of the separate inorganic and organic iodinated connections in the probed raw matetials.


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