Implementation of automation based on computer technologies into process of knowledge controlling of pharmacists-interns

  • I. Yu. Revyatskyy Danylo Halytsky Lviv National Medical University
Keywords: knowledge controlling, tests, automation of processes


Optimization of the process of knowledge controlling of pharmacists-interns has become a current issue due to implementation of «Krok 3. Pharmacy» and increase in the number of hours for individual work. According to priority directions and program tasks for the development of pharmaceutical sector in Ukraine, we decided to involve contemporary standards for digital processing of information. Thus, the aim of the work was to optimize the process of controlling the level of knowledge by means of its optimization using computer technologies.

Generalization of the results of previous investigations on common computer testing systems and current approaches to digital information exchange was used. Data in electronic forms approved by Testing center of Ministry of Health of Ukraine ( were also used as research objects. The data include information about pharmacists-interns who are allowed to pass Krok 3 and tests that are prepared by university tutors.

Based on analysis of non-automated conduction of testing at the department, we have pointed out certain processes. Writing a program code in the system of database management, automation of the following processes was implemented: formation of test options; preparation of a form for writing answers; standardization of digital information for downloading; downloading of information to database; checking and presenting results. Other processes (scanning, graphic processing and standardization of scanned imaging; digital record of scanned information) were automated applying other digital technologies.

As a result of conducted work, the process of mechanical transformation of test tasks from one information structure into the other one has been completely eliminated; obtaining of statistic information about each answer provided by a pharmacist-intern has been implemented. Possibility of automatic formation of test options according to the user’s suggested parameters became possible. Due to implementation of graphic processing of scanned forms with completed answers, possibility of their filling with a pen or a pencil of any color was provided. We also suggested storage of test tasks in HTML format in order to improve self-control of knowledge level of pharmacists-interns.


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