Study of enterosorbents in course of pharmaceutical chemistry on pre-degree stage of training of pharmacists

  • I. I. Gerashchenko Chuiko Institute of Surface Chemistry of National Academy of Science of Ukraine, Kyiv, Kiev Medical University of Ukrainian Association of Folk Medicine
Keywords: enterosorbents, pharmaceutical chemistry, education, pharmacist


The paper concerns the pharmaceutical education and raises an important, from the point of view of author, question of more sound study of enterosorbents in the university course of pharmaceutical chemistry.

The aim of the paper is to carry out the analytical research in area of creation of enterosorbents, their place at the market, and, as a result, a ground for consideration in the course of pharmaceutical chemistry of some modern preparations of this group.

So, it is shown, that in Ukraine the progressive school on development and study of enterosorbents is created, and their spreading is an objective trend of pharmaceutical market. All of it requires an adequate reflection in the tutorials of pharmaceutical departments, in particular, it is suggested to include in the course of pharmaceutical chemistry the material on effective home enterosorbents – Silics and Enterosgel.


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