Influence of «the hydrophilic substance of aronia hydrophilic» on the level of remaining nitrogen and urea at the experimental hypernitrogenaemia

  • D. V. Semeniv Ivano-Frankivsk national medical university
Keywords: the hydrophylic substance of aronia melanocarpa, hyponitrogenaemic action, sulimic hyponitrogenaemia


On the model of the «sulimic» kidney it is shown the statically true action of the SAH, though it is not less important thanwell known plant monopreparation with the set chemical structure to the known vegetable mono preparation with the set chemical structure – robininum. Model of kidney insufficiency and hyponitrogenaemia is very «hard», that is why the received results demonstrate considerable efficiency of SAH as the preparation with an hyponitrogenaemic action. For the biochemical indexes of function of kidneys SAH has nearly the same hyponitrogenaemic action as the preparations of polyphenolic structure – rutinum and quercetinum.


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