Study of neurotropic effects of 2-H-1-benzopyran-2-one derivative decursinol

  • G. A. Huseynova Azerbaijan Medical University, Baku
  • R. M. Abdullayeva Azerbaijan Medical University, Baku
Keywords: calcium channel antagonistes, behavioral activity, monoamines, decurcinol


The use of the majority of numerous psychotropic drugs is accompanied by serious side effects.

From this point of view the search for new central acting drugs and the study of their neural and psychotropic activity emerge as a serious problem. The article studies neuropharmacological and neurochemical aspects of 2-H-1-benzopyran-2-one derivatives of new CCA generation. 

The aim of investigation was revealed the role of catecholaminergic mediator systems in the central mechanism of action of on white rats.

The neuropharmacological investigations have been carried out by a “open field” method.  The neurochemical studies have been realized by monoamines one-stage determination method. Neuropharmacological analysis carried out on a background of the pharmacological analyzers revealed that decurcinol possess neurotropic activity. Neurochemical studies revealed that decurcinol on both doses increase serotonin level on rats brain which required more detailed investiqation for the possibilites of using decurcinol in the treatment of some depressiove disorders. Decurcinol revealed dose dependent influence on amount of NE and DA in different structures of the rats brains.


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