Medicinal providing of thoracoabdominal trauma

  • O. Shmatenko Ukrainian Military Medical Academy, Kyiv
  • R. Pritula Ukrainian Military Medical Academy, Kyiv
  • A. Solomennyy Ukrainian Military Medical Academy, Kyiv
Keywords: farmakoeconomic analysis, medicinal providing, thoracoabdominal trauma


The article is devoted to the analysis of the state medical supply the treatment of victims with thoracoabdominal injuries. Given the high cost of medical component of such a treatment of our research is aimed at improving the medical supply and rational development of specific lists of medicines for certain categories of victims. The aim of the research was the holding of pharmacoeconomic justification of the ways of optimization of medical supply the treatment of victims with thoracoabdominal injuries.

Materials research: data of medical supply 54 affected with thoracoabdominal injuries of various degrees, undergoing treatment in the Department politrauma the Kyiv city clinical hospital of emergency medical assistance in the period from 2006 to 2012.

Research methods: systematic review, frequency, pharmacoeconomic and expert estimates.

The study showed that the dynamics of quantitative use of major groups correlated with the dynamics of changes in the value of therapy and described by the exponential function decreasing throughout medication security; торакоабдоминальная injury in most cases accompanied by the dire state of the victim, while the advantage of using a given injecting drugs (78 %) compared with oral drugs (22 %); changes in the value of drug therapy occur in each clinical phase of thoracoabdominal injuries, and causes of these changes depend on the clinical course of the injury.

As a result of calculated cost-effective coefficients of pharmaco-therapeutic groups and the most rational medicines that are advisable to make official lists of the medical supply when introducing medical insurance, or for the purchase of medicines for the needs of the health care institutions of the budgetary financing.


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