Study of hypoglycemic efect of raleykin under experimental diabetes of type I in rats

  • I. P. Bukhtiyarova Donetsk National Medical University of M. Gorky
  • S. M. Drogovoz National University of Pharmacy, Kharkiv
  • О. M. Ishchenko Scientific-Research Institute of Pure Biochemicals, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
Keywords: diabetes, hypoglycemic action, raleykin


The aim of this article was the study the lipid-lowering properties of the drug - antagonist receptor interleukin-1 – raleykin. The medication was got by recombinantly way in St. Petersburg Scientific-Research Institute of Pure Biochemicals. This is due to the fact that the pharmaceutical formulations in Ukraine no such class. However, the mechanisms of diabetes mellitus indicate the necessity for such drugs. Investigations were carried out on the model of diabetes mellitus.

The model was reproduced by low-dose streptozotocin, as it causes a pathophysiological signs of type I diabetes in humans (insulin-dependent growth, b-cell necrosis and hyperglycemia).

Simulation result was the increase of blood glucose levels compared with the control – by 111.4%. The area under the curve of glycemia in diabetes group was more than 95.6%. Comparison of the results obtained at the end of the experiment, between the group of animals treated with reference medication – anakinra and diabetic group showed that, after a preparation is less than the level of glucose was 72.7%. The area under the glycemia curve in a group of animals receiving anakinra, was reduced by 15.6%. The experiment had showed that administration of raleykin in therapy regimen experimental rats model of type 1 diabetes is significantly reduced blood glucose levels (79.6%). Meaning of the area under the glycemia curve that determines the tolerance for carbohydrates, decreased as well as the application of the reference preparation – anakinra (15.6%). The comparing effects of both medications revealed it was shown that for these indicators significant difference between the drugs is absent.

Thus, further studies raleykin as an anti-diabetic medication are very relevant, since no one drug – receptor antagonist, interleukin-1 in Ukraine not registered.


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