Use of polymers for composition of new medicines in the film form

  • L. L. Davtyan P. L. Shupik National Medical Academy of Post-graduate Education, Kyiv
  • A. S. Golod Vinnitsa National Pirogov Memorial Medical University
Keywords: medicinal film, bases for films, state register of medicines


Modified release of active substances is possible using polymeric bases. It improves patient quality of life due to ease of use of drugs. Especially actual are medicines immobilized on a film base.

The purpose of the work is to study the compositions of medicinal polymeric films and adjuvants used for their production.

Matherials for investigation were printed and electron informational sourses, dealing with the development of new medicines in film form with different ways of use. Methods were data compilation and systematization.

As a result of analyzing the information it has been found that most medical films are used for external use as a topical therapy in ophthalmology and dentistry and also for oral administration (fast-dissolving films). As bases for fast-dissolving oral films Pullulan, Lycoat, pectin and methylcellulose derivates, combinations of polyethylene oxide and polyvinyl alcohol with other polymers are used. For ophthalmic films as bases are chosen cellulose derivates, sodium alginate, polyvinylpyrrolidone, polymethyl methacrylate and its co-polymers, pectin and gelatin. As bases for stomathologic films gelatin, compositions of polyvinyl butyral, polyvinyl alcohol and polyethylene glycol are used. Investigations are provided for using of alginates, chitosan, agar, cellulose salts, lactic acid derivates.

Due to the limited assortment of soft drugs for dentistry in Ukraine, development of dental medicines in the form of films is relevant. The most perspective for investigations are natural and semisynthetic polymeric carriers for dental films (Alginates, Cellulose esters, Chitosan etc.) and combinations thereof.


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