A study of job satisfaction of pharmaceutical workers

  • R. V. Sahaidak-Nikitiuk National Pharmaceutical University, Kharkiv
  • M. I. Garkusha National Pharmaceutical University, Kharkiv
Keywords: job satisfaction, labor, professional activity, social and psychological characteristics, specialist pharmacy


The effectiveness of the functioning of any pharmaceutical institution and its staff depends significantly on the work satisfaction of the pharmacists, that is, their relationship to work and its individual components. On the other hand, it is expedient to consider work satisfaction as an internal stimulus to work and as a factor of influence on the results of the activity of the pharmacist and the functioning of the institution.

At present the effectiveness of the specialists in the field of pharmacy depends on their job satisfaction, therefore the aim of this survey was examining the extent of job satisfaction of the pharmacy professionals.

During the research the following methods of survey were used: analytical, graphical, comparative methods, method of descriptive and abstract modelling, method of analysis and synthesis. In the questionnaire participated 652 pharmacy technicians with appropriate qualifications and experience.

The results indicate that such components as satisfaction with the institution, physical conditions, work, coherence of the team, leadership style and professional competence of the head, career growth, opportunities to use own experience and skills, the job requirements to the intelligence are considered by the pharmacy professionals as satisfactory. But they are not fully satisfied with salary and working hours. The evaluation of the integral satisfaction indicate a high level of interest and claims in professional activity, satisfaction with the achievements in work, relationships with the colleagues and management, working conditions and overall satisfaction with the work of pharmaceutical specialists. 

Conclusions. 1. The analysis of the work satisfaction of the pharmacy specialists is made on such components as satisfaction with the institution, physical conditions, work, teamwork, leadership style and professional competence of the manager, career growth, the opportunities to use their own experience and abilities, the requirements of working for the specialist's intellect. 2. In accordance with the methodics of integral satisfaction, there is a high level of interest in the work, satisfaction with achievements in work, relationships with colleagues and management, the level of claims in professional activity, satisfaction with working conditions, overall work satisfaction. The average level has a professional responsibility, a low level is inherent in the work done to high earnings. 3. Supporting and motivating factors influencing the satisfaction with work were investigated. The most important supporting factors include privileges and social package, psychological climate and interpersonal relations, management style, physical working conditions and the equipment of a workplace. The reasons for motivation, which are the driving force for most pharmacists, are the level of remuneration, working conditions and a good team. 4. The correlation between the socio-psychological characteristics of a pharmacist and his attitude to work is determined, has both a positive and a negative. Socio-psychological characteristics that negatively affect the attitude towards work is conflict, low efficiency, etc. The characteristics of positive impact include leadership, commitment, ability to influence others, organizational skills, responsibility, etc.


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