The study of certain aspects of the modernization of the state of the healthcare industry of Ukraine on the basis of medical and pharmaceutical law

  • V. V. Shapovalov Kharkiv Medical Academy of Post-graduate Education
Keywords: medical and pharmaceutical law, the EU standards, medicines, decriminalization, substitution maintenance therapy


The branches of healthcare of Ukraine today need to modernize in line with EU standards to ensure free access of patients to medical and pharmaceutical care, efficient, high-quality and safe medicines.

To analyze some aspects of the modernization of the state of health of Ukraine in accordance with the standards of the EU from the perspective of medical and pharmaceutical law.

Materials – forensic and pharmaceutical monitoring data regarding the patients' rights (in particular of the drug addicted patients) in the world, the EU and Ukraine, as well as the legal framework of Ukraine. Methods – normative and legal, documental, system analysis and forensic and pharmaceutical monitoring.

Found that membership in the institutions of the European Community provides not only rights but also obligations, particularly for public authorities in relation to the accepted standards regarding the rights of patients to different contingents access to health care and pharmaceutical efficient, high-quality and safe medicines of all the nomenclature and legal classification and legal groups. On the example of drug-dependent patients showed that the measures proposed by the authors extend the approaches to the decriminalization of certain articles of the Criminal Code of Ukraine and expand the rights of patients addicted to their inclusion in the program of substitution maintenance therapy.

The analysis of the modernization of the healthcare sector of Ukraine to the standards of the European Community from the perspective of medical and pharmaceutical law was conducted. The measures aimed at combating violations of the legislation on the protection of economic competition in the sphere of circulation (realization) of drugs.


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