Provision for patients with hypertension on access to cost compensation of essential drugs

  • V. A. Shapovalova Kharkiv Medical Academy of Post-graduate education
  • V. V. Shapovalov Healthcare Department of Kharkiv Regional State Administration
  • L. А. Sedakova Kharkiv Medical Academy of Post-graduate education
Keywords: pharmaceutical and medical law, patients, hypertension, drugs, availability, reimbursement


Hypertensive heart disease is one of the important factors that lead to an increase in the number of deaths and reduce the forecast life expectancy of patients with essential hypertension.

The aim of the research was the question of the right for the hypertensive patients to have access to cost recovery of essential medicines in the leading countries of the world and in Ukraine with the positions of pharmaceutical and medical law.

Material data of the research were the scientific literature on reimbursement of the medicines for patients of different contingents in the world; existing legal documents of Ukraine in the implementation of the pilot project «Hypertensive heart disease». Used documentary, systemic, legal, comparative and graphical analysis.

In the study explored questions on realization of the right of hypertensive patients on accessibility to partial repay the costs of the life necessary remedy in Ukraine, as well as in the leading countries of the world from the perspective of the pharmaceutical and medical law. Made the analysisof the pharmaceutical market of medicines for the treatment of hypertension, for which established state regulation of pricesby international nonproprietary names and manufacturers.The ratio of foreign and of domestic manufacturers drugs involved in a pilot project of hypertension, is respectively 65% i 35%. Highlighted the shortcomings of lists of drugs that are introduced price controls pilot project on hypertension. Proposed periodically revise the lists of drugs for the pilot project of hypertension for partial reimbursement prices.


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