Study use of homeopathic medicines for treatment of allergic diseases

  • O. M. Glushchenko Bogomolets National Medical University, Kiev
Keywords: homeopathic medicines, pharmaceutical market, extemporaneous manufacturing, customized specifications, internal pharmacy blank


In the last decade, mainly in industrialized countries, there is a steady upward trend inallergic diseases  and increase their prevalence in the population. According to theWorld Health Organization, in terms of the incidence of allergy ranks third amongnosology.

The objects of the study were: National Register of Medicinal Products of Ukraine, the State form of drugs, the range of homeopathic medicines homeopathic pharmacy KP «Pharmacy» in Kyiv. For analysis used methods of mathematical statistics, graphical analysis and observation.

Market Research homeopathic medicines in Ukraine , which are used for the treatment of AD have shown that according to the State Register of Medicinal Products, as of 30.04.2014, Ukraine was registered 206 different dosage forms of homeopathic medicines (excluding different dosages), including 28 complex homeopathic and antihomotoxic drugs used to treat allergies.

Analyzing manufacturers supplying homeopathic medicines used for the treatment of AD, we have found that most products come from German companies– 88.1%. The leader of the studied production of homeopathic medicines is a German company “Biolohishe Haylmittel Heel GmbH”( 18 titles homeopathic medicines ).

Study registered homeopathic medicines used to treat AD, the path of administration showed that they are distributed into 4 groups and 10 represented dosage forms. According to the data, 42.9% of the dosage forms intended for enteral administration to, 35.7 % – for parenteral administration by 10.7 % – nasal and conjunctival application and dermal routes of administration. The first group of homeopathic medicines most widely represented tablets and oral drops, the second - a solution for injection. With the complexity of all registered homeopathic medicines are complex products.

According to the leaflet was made to systematize restrictions on homeopathic medicines in children: 46.4% of drugs are assigned at birth, 7.14 % – not used in pediatric patients, more than 46% – are assigned depending on the age of the child.

In the domestic market of homeopathic medicines dependence on imports is very high. Therefore, the first task of modern medicine and pharmacy are increasing the range of domestic preparations for the treatment of allergic diseases.


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