The analytical review of pharmaceutical market of the modern hepatoprotective drugs

  • A. V. Glushchenko National University of Pharmacy, Kharkiv
  • V. A. Georgiyants National University of Pharmacy, Kharkiv
  • Y. G. Valigura National University of Pharmacy, Kharkiv
Keywords: hepatoprotective drugs, analysis of market, hepatobiliar system


Diseases of liver and bile passages are wide-spread pathology that has important place in the structure of morbidity and mortality of population. Therefore the therapy of diseases of the hepatobiliar system is one of the most actual problems of modern medicine.

Marketing research of the modern hepatoprotective drugs which were registered in Ukraine has been carried out using information resources by system-analytical method. The marketing analysis has been carried out by follow characteristics: country-producer, companies-producer and pharmacological group.

It has been established, that 65.15% of foreign pharmaceutical manufactures are leaders among the manufactures of this group of preparations, the part of Ukrainian preparations is 34.85%. The biggest part of all hepatoprotective drugs are the herbal hepatoprotective drugs (68.2%). 68.89% of preparations among them have been produced by foreign manufactures, and 31.11% by home manufactures.

The structure analysis of pharmaceutical market of hepatoprotective drugs has been motivated that creation of new Ukrainian phytopreparations for preventive maintenance and treatments of diseases of the hepatobiliar system are advisable.


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