Development of laboratory technology of the ointment Allergolik

  • O. A. Rukhmakova National University of Pharmacy, Kharkіv
  • T. G. Yarnykh National University of Pharmacy, Kharkіv
Keywords: dermatitis, soft medicinal form, technology, development


Today quite important and urgent task of modern medicine and pharmacy is expanding the range of herbal medicines for the treatment of dermatitis with secondary fungal skin lesions.

The objective of the work is development of laboratory technology of the ointment under conditional name «Allergolik».

In the results of the studies was developed efficient technology of the ointment for the treatment of indicated dermatological pathology. The study of the organoleptic, physical and chemical properties, as well as the stability of the medicine prepared by the proposed technology was conducted.

The results of rheological studies of the ointment Allergolik suggest the presence of its coagulation structure and elastic-viscous-plastic properties.

Osmotic and thermogravimetric characteristics of the developed ointment were studied. It was shown that the medicine has reasonably osmotic activity and it is relatively stable up to the temperature of 37.0 ± 1.0 °C.


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