Experimental study of antimicrobial activity of gel based on PHDP and its combinations with azelaic acid and benzoyl peroxide

  • S. G. Bobro National University of Pharmacy, Kharkiv
  • A. I. Tikhonov National University of Pharmacy, Kharkiv
Keywords: diseases of the skin, acne, propolis, gel, acid azelaic, antimicrobial activity


The creation of combined medicines for the treatment of dermatological diseases based on the substances of natural origin, in particular phenol-hydrophobic drug propolis with reduced content of benzoyl peroxide and azelaic acid, is highly relevant, as the active substances in this combination provide purposefully effective pharmacological action with minimal side effect sat the appropriate level.

The aim of this work was the experimental study of antimicrobial activity of a medicinal product in the form of a gel intended for the treatment of acne which we are working up.

The object of the study were the model samples of new ex tempore compositions of soft medicinal forms – gels containing the active pharmaceutical ingredients – phenol-hydrophobic drug propolis, azelaic acid and benzoyl peroxide. We used the traditional method «diffusion in to agar» («the wells method»).


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