The development of standard of good pharmacy practice regarding the participation of pharmacists in public health

  • L. А. Gala Bogomolets National Medical University, Kуiv
Keywords: Good Pharmacy Practice, standard, health promotion, disease prevention, health education


The change in the focus of healthcare in Ukraine from treatment to preventive medicine is necessary for improvement of medical and demographic situation in the country and the formation of a responsible attitude of citizens towards their health. Pharmacists and other health care specialists must take an active part in the health education of population.

The purpose of the study was the development of standard of Good Pharmacy Practice «Participation in prevention measures and services».

Objects of study were a Joint FIP/WHO guidelines on Good Pharmacy Practice and the standards of pharmacy practice in different countries. Analytical, comparative, organizational modeling and synthesis methods were used.

Healthy life styles approaches that have been taking in our country at the state level, and by nongovernmental and charitable organizations have been analyzed.

Based on the synthesis of the above mentioned materials a draft of the national standard of Good Pharmacy Practice «Participation in prevention measures and services» have been proposed, which includes the relevance of its development, the terms, scope of use of the standard, requirements for the activities of pharmacists, bibliographic resources.

Practical implementation of the proposed standard will actives the participation of pharmacists in health promotion and disease prevention, will give the opportunity to evaluate the work of pharmacy and ensure the population with consulting assistance by specialists.


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