Human capital as a subject of social responsibility in a pharmaceutical organization

  • N. O. Tkachenko Zaporizhzhіa State Medical University
  • B. P. Gromovik Danylo Halytsky Lviv National Medical University
Keywords: human capital, social responsibility, pharmaceutical organization


Today, great importance is attached to the implementation of pharmaceutical organizations proper social responsibility, which is aimed to the intellectualization of the main resource of the national economy i.e. human capital.

The purpose of this work is to study the essence of human capital as an object of social responsibility in a pharmaceutical organization and the practical aspects of investing structure formation in to human capital of the pharmaceutical industry.

We have used both theoretical and empirical methods: information search, generalization, modelling. The materials used in the research were the results of fundamental and applied study of domestic and foreign experts on the subject.

On the basis of theoretical generalization of scientific literature data, it was defined the essence of human capital, its relationship with the human potential and social capital. By modelling we have identified five components of human capital in the pharmaceutical organization: general, specific and intellectual human capital, know-how, special managerial and intellectual technologies. At the same time it was noted that human capital is formed owing to the labor market and the system of continuous, in particular pharmaceutical education. It was shown that investments to human capital become long-term factor of competitiveness and survival of pharmaceutical organization. The expenditures associated with them are treated as social investments – the main source of income in the future and as the highest form of social responsibility of pharmaceutical organization.


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