Special features of perindopril effect on the ultrastructure of the left ventricle in rats with the spontaneous arterial hypertension

  • R. S. Dovgan Bogomolets National Medical University, Kyiv
Keywords: spontaneous hypertension, perindopril, rats, electron microscopy, morphometry, myocardium


Etiology and pathogenesis of arterial hypertension have been insufficiently studied, because in recent years, scientists have developed a model of the world animal (rat line DSS., SHR., ISIAH) and learn not only the mechanisms of hypertension but also the impact of various exogenous and endogenous factors, as medicines for blood pressure, changes in function and metabolism in target organs in this pathology.

With the help of electron microscopy the ultrastructural and morphometric analysis of the left ventricular myocard was performed in the WKY (normotensive) and ISIAH rats with spontaneous arterial hypertension (SAH) without treatment and after 60-day course of perindopril.

It was found that perindopril significantly decreases the level of contraction and destructive changes in myofibrils, which were common in left ventricular cardiomyocytes in untreated rats with SAH. This is largely due to the reduction of energy in these cells, due to the normalization of qualitative and quantitative ultrastructural features of mitochondria. The positive impact of perindopril on the cardiomyocytes energetic nutrition and prevention of these destructive processes is associated with the development of microvesseles and activation of the transcytosis in them, what reduces ischemia. The course of perindopril in significantly improving the ultrastructural organization of cellular components of left ventricular in rats with SAH. However it doesn’t provide full recovery, which leads to the further research of new treatment regimens.


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