Investigation by development of technology of tincture for therapy of cardiovascular disease

  • K. O. Khokhlova National University of Pharmacy, Kharkiv
Keywords: tincture, technology, herbal raw material, cardiovascular disease


Development of new original multicomponent herbal medicinal products for prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease and atherosclerosis, with the use of medicinal plants growing on the territory of Ukraine, are of current importance of pharmaceutical science.

The aim of this work was the development of technology of herbal medicinal product for treatment of cardiovascular disease and atherosclerosis.

Theoretically, taking into account the influence of each component into the final therapeutic effect of drug, such herbal composition «Atherophyt-norma» were chosen: Hawthorn fruit, Red Clover inflorescence, Hawthorn leaves with flowers, Low Cudweed grass in the ratio of 30:30:20:20.

As the optimal dosage form for the drug «Atherophyt-norma» the tincture was selected. The laboratory samples of tincture were obtained by the method of subdivided maceration with the forced mixing. They were used for selection a solvent and study of the extraction process of bioactive substances. The extraction was carried out at the room temperature in the ratio of herbal drug to finished product 1:10. As the extraction solvent the ethanol with content of 40%, 50% and 70% was used.

For quantitative evaluation of the efficiency of the extraction process and standardization of the drug the sum of flavonoids, the sum of procyanidins and dry residue were chosen.

The kinetic regularities of the extraction process of herbal composition «Atherophyt-norma» were studied. It was established, that the best solvent for extraction of dry residue and bioactive substances by the method of subdivided maceration with dividing of solvent in 2 parts, with the ratio of herbal drug to finished product 1:10, was ethanol 50%.


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