Spectral characteristics and electronic structures of synthetic derivatives of coumarin. P a r t III. Pharmacophore and chemical-pharmacology structure of bicoumarin and ethylbiscoumacetas (neodicoumarine)

  • O. V. Grechana Zaporizhzhia State Medical University
  • B. O. Prijmenko Zaporizhzhia State Medical University
  • V. P. Buryak Zaporizhzhia State Medical University
Keywords: derivatives of 4-oxycoumarine’s, pharmacophors, biological activity


Most widely used in clinical practice enteral anticoagulants among which common dicoumarin and ehtilbiscoumacetas (neodicoumarin) are the structural derivatives of 4-hydroxycoumarin – compounds isolated from sweet clover. After detection of the fact, that it’s coumarins able to inhibit the synthesis of prothrombin, have conducted intensive studies on the synthesis of coumarin derivatives, whereby in the medicine were introduced dicoumarin (dicoumarol) ethilbiscoumacetas (neodiсoumarin), and other coumarin’s derivatives.

Their therapeutic effect depends on the ability to suppress in liver a number of functional factors are contributing to coagulation of blood. These factors are described as the vitamin K-dependent factors because their biosynthesis in the hepatocytes is partly linked to the metabolism of vitamin K in the liver.

The aim of this study is the explanation of the nature of atoms in molecules of dicoumarin and ethylbiscoumacetas; revealling the essence of the observed absorption bands, which are based on the consideration of interrelation of the structural formulas of the test substances and quantum-chemical calculations of the electron density (Huckel method), using the program Chemoffice.

Found that on the curve UV-spectr of the dicoumarin and ethylbisсоumacetates (neodiсоumarin) observed two absorption bands at the range 276–291 nm and 310–314 nm. Maxima of the first band have the vibrational structure due to a light absorption of the benzene ring type 1Lb, and the second corresponds to a p → π-conjugation of the benzene and pyran-2 cycles. In this work was conducted calculation of the electron density of the test compounds (by the Huckel method), using the program Chemoffice 11.0.1. (MM2 optimization).


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