Study the appropriateness of extemporaneous production of homeopathic drugs in pharmacies

  • V. M. Tolochko National Pharmacy University, Kharkiv
  • D. V. Vakulenko National Pharmacy University, Kharkiv
Keywords: pharmacy, homeopathy, homeopathic drugs, the pharmaceutical market, the extemporaneous production of drugs


Homeopathic treatment provides an individualized approach to each patient, which can be achieved through extemporaneous production of homeopathic medicines (drugs). Therefore, the goal of this study is to prove the appropriateness of extemporaneous production of homeopathic medicines.

The object of research was the domestic pharmaceutical market and homeopathic medicines that are present on it, as well as the results of sociological researches among experts in pharmacy from the regions of Ukraine.

Studies have shown that ready-made homeopathic drugs that are present in the domestic pharmaceutical market do not completely satisfy the needs of an individual approach when using homeopathic treatment. It’s reasonable to expand their list, paying attention to the creation and production of domestic homeopathic drugs, especially including the extemporaneous production in pharmacies.

To solve this problem it is necessary to continue the study of organizational and economic components that are needed in the organization of extemporaneous production processes of homeopathic drugs in pharmacies and plan costs for their implementation.


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