Analysis of drug group D07 «Corticosteroids for use in dermatology» on the Ukrainian pharmaceutical market

  • I. O. Vlasenko Shupik National Academy of Post-graduate Education, Kiev
  • Aram Dullah Shupik National Academy of Post-graduate Education, Kiev
  • L. L. Davtyan Shupik National Academy of Post-graduate Education, Kiev
Keywords: Ukrainian pharmaceutical market, analysis, dermatological drugs, corticosteroids


In some cases, ringworm, accompanied by inflammatory reaction of skin treated with combined administration of antifungal drugs and corticosteroids local action. In Ukraine there is an unequal distribution of the production of drugs for dermatological application areas. Therefore, market research of medicinal products will allow to detect vacant lots to fill certain range.

The aim of the work was a detailed study of drugs of D07 «Corticosteroids for use in dermatology».

Materials - the official source of information on medicinal products registered in Ukraine. Methods - сitation, marketing, statistical and graphical.

The analysis showed that in the group D07 «Corticosteroids for use in dermatology». Mostly foreign-made drugs – 81,5%. During the segmentation of range group D07 for dosage forms set: make up 45,7% ointment, cream – 41,3% solution – 9,8% sprays – 2,1%. Among the APIs that represent a significant share of the group D01 takes betamethasone and clobetasol. Combination drugs of this group are 33 names, 18 of which product contains betamethasone in combination with antibiotics or antiseptics and other active pharmaceutical ingredients (mostly abroad).

Market research pharmaceutical market of Ukraine showed uneven distribution of soft medicinal forms in the group D07 between manufacturers. Prices for ointments and creams foreign production 1,7–2,2 times higher than Ukrainian, and enough cost, which reduces the availability of treatment for all segments of the population.


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