Approaches to optimize pharmaceutical and medical care of patients with psoriasis

  • A. A. Kotvitskaya National University of Pharmacy, Kharkiv
  • V. V. Carlo National University of Pharmacy, Kharkiv
Keywords: pharmaceutical and medical support, psoriasis, level regulation


Features of psoriasis as chronic inflammatory disease, frequent recurrence, the short periods of remission, psycho-emotional disadaptation, decline in quality of patient life and unsatisfied need for safe and effective treatments and medicines require to consider this problem as medico-social and demands development of integrated approaches to its decision at all levels of rendering the medical and pharmaceutical care.

Generalization of the existing problematic issues of a pharmaceutical and medical care of patients with psoriasis in Ukraine and the development of approaches to their decision has been the aim of our work.

Methods of content analysis, meta-analysis, logical and system-analytical analysis, and data of own previous researches are used achieve this goal.

Compilation of existing problems of the organization of the pharmaceutical and medical care of patients with psoriasis at different levels of the health and pharmaceutical care in Ukraine was conducted. Tiered model of formation of approaches to optimization ensure patients this nosology taking into account problematic aspects at the level of the consumer medicines, regional and national levels has been developed and justified on the basis of the analysis of international experience in treating psoriasis and results of own previous research. Ways to solve problems of providing patients with psoriasis, which are based on implementation of actions at each level of regulation of health system, were identified.


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