Object and method of pharmaceutical law

  • M. S. Ponomarenkо Shupik National Medical Academy of Post-graduate Education, Kyiv
  • I. N. Alekseeva Zaporizhzhia State Medical University
  • A. S. Solovyev Shupik National Medical Academy of Post-graduate Education, Kyiv
  • А. G. Alekseev Zaporizhzhia State Medical University
  • Y. M. Grygoruk Pirogov Vinnitsa National Medical University
Keywords: : pharmaceutical law, field of law, branch of law, pharmacy, methods, structure, specific branch of law


The last time the questions of location of pharmaceutical right are acquired by more intent attention outside, both legists and organizers of фармации. Thus, actual is fundamental determinations of independence of such field of law as pharmaceutical right.

The aim of work is determinations of criteria of existence of pharmaceutical right as a historical and modern going is studied independent industry near classification of criteria of the national system of right.

By means of such methods as an analysis, synthesis, it is set that an object and method of the legal adjusting come forward the basic criteria of determination of independence of the field of law.

As a job performance the necessity of preparation of project of law of Ukraine is marked «About pharmaceutical activity», that first, was to the pre-lodge authors as early as 2001 and published in a magazine «Pharmacy» (2001–2002). At one time there were many different interpretations of concept «Pharmaceutical activity». It is well-proven that most exhaustive, is determinations of this concept in the release of scientists of the National pharmaceutical university, that gave encyclopedic exposition of interpretation of this concept.

Attention is accented, that discussions round a pharmaceutical glossary and, in general to the standards of European Union it is proceeded modernisation, harmonization and имплементации of pharmaceutical right till now.

A presence is reasonable at a pharmaceutical right for an independent object and methods. From them an object comes forward basic exactly, and an adjusting method comes forward as an additional criterion. It testifies to existence of pharmaceutical right as independent industry. 

The reasonable criteria of existence of pharmaceutical right allow in further to pass to consideration of other independent signs – existence of science, industry of legislation, questions of complex branch character of industry and also correlation of pharmaceutical right with other tangents of right by industries, first of all with a medical right.


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