Directions of optimization of information providing of pharmaceutical prophylaxis care for arterial hypertension

Keywords: pharmaceutical prophylaxis, arterial hypertension, information provision for pharmaceutical prophylaxis, drug interactions


Improvement of informational providing of pharmaceutical prevention care, especially in arterial hypertension, is the main direction for prevention of rational drug use.  It was established that only 33% of patients with arterial hypertension control the level of arterial pressure within the limits of norm, and provision of pharmaceutical care will help to achieve the optimal level of blood pressure, increasing the persistence to the use of drugs and improve quality of life.

The aim of the work. The aim was to justify the directions of informational providing of pharmaceutical prevention care of drug prescription for arterial hypertension treatment in implementation of “Affordable Drug Program” for improving data in current provisor (pharmacist) protocol.

The study was conducted on the basis of current legislative acts approved in Ukraine and European guidelines for the treatment of arterial hypertension, as well as publications in the evidence-based basis on October 2018. The following research methods were used: systemic, analytical, content-analysis.

We analyzed the data of  European recommendations 2018 (ESH/ESC) and defined new factors influencing the development of cardiovascular diseases. We also examined the evidence in drugs for prevention of arterial hypertension and the most rational choice of drugs for an individual patient, taking into consideration the concomitant status.

We reviewed as well the range of drugs for treatment of arterial hypertension, included in the regulatory lists of Ukraine that are in need of pharmaceutical prevention care. We presented the main interactions of inhibitor angiotensin II receptors. In order to improve the pharmacotherapy of patients the provisors (pharmacists) may use this information for warning about undesired interactions and side effects.

We analyzed the pharmacist protocol for prescribing of prescription drugs for treatment of people with hypertension diseases, the cost of which are partially reimbursed.

We showed that this protocol needs some basic additional information about both the primary prevention and the drugs such as angiotensin II receptor blockers and diuretics for a rational prescription and use of these medications.

The system of information support of pharmaceutists on the rational use of drugs with arterial hypertension is substantiated.


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