Study of antiherpethetical activity of gel altabor

  • S. L. Rybalko Gromashevsky Institute of Epidemiology and Infectious Diseases of the National Academy of Medical Science of Ukraine, Kyiv
  • T. V. Кrutskikh National Pharmaceutical University, Kharkiv
  • A. S. Shalamay JSC SIC «Borshchahivka CPP», Kyiv
Keywords: altabor, gel, antiherpethetical activity, herpes


Today herpes infection attracted more and more attention both medical and non-medical circles of society. This is due to the fact that herpes, known since ancient times as a little common and least important disease in recent years has greatly expanded its importance in human pathology. Increased interest in herpes infection is caused by a number of other reasons, and above all the fact that herpes is spread in different parts of the world, affecting up to 95% of the population, and calling it a virus capable of damaging virtually all organs and systems of the human body, what is largely a reflection areof the general trend of increase in the number of infectious diseases caused by viruses.

Тhe aim of the study was investigation of antiherpetic activity of the original drug gel Altabor. Studies were conducted on a model of genital herpes virus infection in guinea pigs using a strain of herpes simplex virus-2.

The studies found that the prophylacticuse gel of Altabor on cedaily reduced manifestations of symptoms to 20,0 points corresponding the rapeuticeffect 59,0 ± 10,6%, andalsoreduces the diseaseto 7–9 days. When applying of treatments cheme of gel Altabor manifestation of symptoms decreased to 5,0 points, which corresponds to the index of the rapeuticactionof 89,7 ± 6,1% and significantly reduces the diseaseto 5–7 days. In addition, the gel Altaborin therapeutic and prophylactic use of schemes of more than 1,5 times higher than the reference product Viroleks.


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