Determination of the list of narcotic analgesics for providing population in conditions of emergency situations

  • P. V. Oliynyk Lviv National Medical University by Danylo Halytskyy
Keywords: narcotic analgesics, clinical protocol, extraordinary situation, regional reserve


The current state of natural, technological and socio-political safety of Ukraine determines the urgency and necessity of improvement the efficiency of the pharmaceutical supply of the population at liquidation of consequences of emergency situations in peacetime and wartime. Under the conditions of liquidation of consequences of extraordinary situation will be important the treatment of acute and chronic pain, which requires a sufficient list of narcotic analgesics.

The aim of the research is to determine the optimal list of narcotic analgesics to ensure the provision of algological assistance to affected populations in emergency situations of peacetime and wartime.

The object of study – the State Register of Medicinal Products of Ukraine, clinical protocols and treatment regimen of diseases. Subject of research – normative-legal acts and documents relating to the treatment and clinical application of narcotic analgesics in health care institutions of Ukraine.

During the research used the methods of observation and generalization, synthesis and formalization, ABC and VEN analysis, the content analysis.

A result of researches found that to provide algological assistance for affected population at emergency situations it is needed 12 names of narcotic analgesics. It was defined that the optimum assortment of regional reserve of narcotic analgesics consists of 4 names (Tramadol, Trimeperedine, Morphine, Fentanyl) that provide 87.85% prescriptions for medical care to the affected population.


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