Pharmaco-technological researches for development of sachet composition

  • O. V. Tryhubchak «Farmak» JSC, Kуiv
  • S. N. Gureyeva «Farmak» JSC, Kуiv
  • O. A. Yuryeva «Farmak» JSC, Kуiv
  • А. М. Goy «Farmak» JSC, Kуiv
Keywords: sachet, excipients, pharmaco-technological parameters, organoleptic characteristics, ranked rows of benefits


In the article it is presented data on the relevance of drugs from the group of analgesics-antipyretics in the form of fast dissolving solid dosage forms and excipients for its manufacture are described. The advantages of a sachet as a solid dosage form are described. For developing a sachet with anti-inflammatory properties, the features of active pharmaceutical ingredients interrelation and their physicochemical properties, which determine the technology, are shown.

The purpose of this work was to select the excipients for improvement the pharmaco-technological and organoleptic characteristics of the sachet.

We studied 27 excipients 5 functional groups. The experiment is based on the Latin cube of the second order. Technology was the mixing of components. The obtained mass was tested twice on pharmaco-technological parameters and the characteristics of the solution. Experimental data were subjected to statistical analysis by the method of dispersion analysis. The results were expressed using ranked rows of benefits and bar charts.

The results of the study present the effect of excipients from groups of alkaline and acid fractions, dyes, flavors, fillers on the quality of the sachets. The results of the study show that the different tested excipients show the greatest influence on appearance of the mass, bulk density, density after shrinkage, Carr`s index, fluidity, angle of the slope, mass loss in drying, solution appearance, solution smell, solution taste and pH of the solution.

Generalized results of dispersion analysis showed that calcium phosphate, citric anhydrous acid, maleic acid, curcumin, lemon-lime flavor and sugar powder improve the pharmacological-technological and organoleptic characteristics of the studied sachet.

In the result of the work, the selection of excipients in the development of a sachet is scientifically substantiated. The influence of the exipiences nature on the pharmaco-technological indicators sachets and organoleptic properties was studied. It was selected the excipients for the optimal sachet composition with anti-inflammatory properties.


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