Influence of specific pressure of pressing in the pharmacotechnological parameters tablets antral

  • S. M. Gureyeva JOIN-Stock company «Farmak», Kyiv
Keywords: tablets Antral, pharmaco-technological indexes, pressure of pressing, friction tablets, height of tablets, crushing strength, disintegration time


Created JSC «Farmak» domestic drug Antral has a wide range of pharmacological and therapeutic activity and has hepatoprotective, prolonged inflammatory, antiexudative, antioxidant, analgesic, immunomodulating, antipyretic, the capillary-protective effect.

           Antral is coordinating with the aluminum compound amino carboxylic acid. Substance Antral refers to poorly soluble hydrophobic substances. According to biopharmaceutical classification system Antral can be attributed to 2/4 class of compounds.

For solid dosage forms of active ingredients of this type determining Quality index – disintegration. The value of this index has mutually opposite relationship with friction tablets, resistant to crushing, which can also depend on the pressure pressing.

Antral insolubility in water leads to the creation of a rational tablet dosage form of modern choice excipients and optimal process by which provided the necessary biopharmaceutical performance.

A crucial moment in the regulation of the quality of tablets is the selection of the optimum compaction pressure.

The article describes an experimental study of the effect of compacting pressure on pharmacotechnological parameters of quality of antral tablets. For the experiment used the tablet mass Antral optimal qualitative composition. For the compression of tablets using a tablet press with a hand-gauge model 1 class. Compressed tablets Antral with dіameter 11 mm biconvex shape with a diameter of curvature of 0.75, at a pressure in the range 33.3–400 MPa.  

The resulting tablets was monitored by the following indicators of quality: friction tablets (SPU 1.2, p. 2.9.7, P. 146) – a test carried out on the device drum one blade model TAR 200, Erweka, Germany; height and crush resistance – the test was carried out according to the procedure of SPU, p. 2.9.8, Р. 161 on the device tester of the geometric dimensions and resistance to crushing tablets models TВН 450, Erweka, Germany; Disintegration – study was performed by the method described in paragraph 1.2 SPU 2.9.1., Р. 131 on the device for determining the disintegration tablet model ZT 33, Erweka, Germany. Experimental results are displayed in the form of linear plots.

The studies found that the specific pressing pressure of 200 MPa produces tablets with Antral 143 Н crush resistance, friction resistance is less than 0.45%, the disintegration time up to 10 minutes at the height of tablets – 4.16 mm.

A further increase in the specific pressing pressure leads to improved stability of the tablets to the friction tablets and crushing, and which also causes an increase in disintegration time of tablets Antral to 20 minutes or more.


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