Study domestic pharmaceutical market immunomodulatory drugs

  • B. T. Kudrik National Pharmaceutical University, Kharkiv
  • О. I. Tikhonov National Pharmaceutical University, Kharkiv
  • О. G. Bashura National Pharmaceutical University, Kharkiv
Keywords: immune-boosting drugs, pharmaceutical market, state registration, bee products, bee bread


At the present time it is very important to determine trends in the consumption of certain drugs and immunomodulatory action groups as a whole, because the demand for this group of drugs has certain seasonal fluctuations, changes under the influence of disease, the pricing policy of manufacturers, their active marketing activities and others.

Goal is determining the relevance and feasibility of the development of new drugs and immunomodulatory therapeutic and preventive medicines based on bee products – pollen and natural honey powder.

The study was carried out the search, analysis, compilation and systematization of data using an electronic database of the State Register of medicines (drugs) and the Compendium of using elements of the proposed algorithm drugs range of market research in the pharmaceutical market of Ukraine.

Our work found that the pharmaceutical market of  Ukraine quite intense immunomodulatory drugs, of which is dominated by foreign-made pharmaceuticals, reinforces the need for the creation of national, new, high quality and competitive immunomodulatory drug.


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