Recent issues of medical and pharmaceutikal products supply to provide first aid for anti-terroristic operation (ATO) soldiers

  • N. V. Sholoiko Bogomolets National Medical University, Kyiv
Keywords: standard pre-hospital care, military individual medical kits, medical devices, marketing, autoinectory, tactical harness


Timely and high-quality health care in many cases is helping to save the life of the victim, the recovery of its combat capability and efficiency. In this, nurses plays an important immediate role as well as the entire staff of the troops. This means that each soldier, regardless of rank, must be able and know how to provide self-aid and mutual aid with wounds at the battlefield. It is also important to provide combat medics, feldshers, and paramedics at various stages of provision of first aid and evacuation with optimal and necessary amount of medicines and medical devices.

The research objective is to analyze the composition of the individual soldiers kits, sanitary bags and backpacks according to the standards of the NATO membering countries and the countries conducting military operations regularly as well as to conduct a market analysis of the domestic pharmaceutical market concerning the availability of the required list of medicines and medical devices.

The research subjects: the system of provision of first aid in NATO countries and Israel; international standards and recommendations of the first aid provision at the battlefield and at different stages of the evacuation of the wounded; the main types and characteristics of injuries received during combat.

Methods: comparative, deductive, statistical.

Today, there are standards of pre-hospital care approved in Ukraine based on the experience of the NATO countries, the USA, and the Israel. It was found that, in Ukraine, there is basic list of registered medicines and medical devices included into the sanitary bags or backpacks of combat medics.

Analysis of physical availability of the basic components of the individual soldier kits has shown the absence of haemostatic drugs such as Celox and Haemostop and nasopharyngeal airways registered in Ukraine at the national pharmaceutical retail and wholesale markets.

The domestic market lacks injectable drugs in the form of autoinjectors, systems for intraosseous administration, and important components of soldier first aid kits and bags of combat medics such as tourniquet of the «CAT» type, «Israeli» bandage, nasopharyngeal airways, occlusive wound dressing, and decompression needles included into the personal protective equipment of soldiers of the NATO countries and the Israel.


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