Comparative phytochemicals analysis of raw materials of Lupinus luteus L. and Medicago falcata L. subsp. romanica (Prodan) O. Schwarz & KLink. after hydrolysis

  • O. V. Grechana Zaporizhzhia State Medical University
Keywords: Lupinus Luteus L., Medicago Falcata L., pharmacognostic research, coumarin


Lupin in folk medicine used against abscesses, birthmarks, to excite the appetite.

Alfalfa in folk medicine used for diseases of the intestine, stomach, thyroid, to improve metabolism, normalization of the circulatory system, lower cholesterol, increased levels of hemoglobin in the blood.

In Ukraine has registered a number of dietary supplements, which derived from studied plants with recommendations for indoor or outdoor use.

Some types of the studied plants are used as ornamental and medicinal.

With widespread use of lupine and lucerne, data of the study of these plants scattered; there are no standards for the preparation, composition, etc; not conducted a broad pharmacognostic study of the content of many classes of biologically active substances, compounds of true coumarins and their 4-oxyderivatives whose presence must be characteristic of these tribes, their accumulation, interaction between themselves and the environment.

Therefore, the aim of our study was a comparative analysis of the chemical composition, quantity of coumarins and other biologically active substances of primary and secondary biosynthesis in the aerial part of the genera Lupinus (Tourn.) L. – Lluteus L. and Medicágo L. – M. falcata L. subsp. romanica (Prodan) O. Schwarz & Klink. after acid hydrolysis.

Plant material harvested during active flowering plant in the outskirts of Zaporizhya. Dried in the shade. Conducted the acid hydrolysis of diluted sulfuric acid.

Extracts were subjected to the research chromatograph Agilent Technologies (Germany) with mass-spectrometric detector. To identify the components we used the library mass spectra NIST and WILEY.

For quantitative calculations we used the method of internal standard.

In conducting GL-chromatography after hydrolysis an extract of raw Lupinus luteus L. found 64 compounds. Of these, 32 compounds were identified.

In conducting GL-chromatography after hydrolysis an extract of raw Medicago falcata L. subsp. romanica we found 52 compounds and identified – 41.

Some components are present in the hydrolyzed liquid extracts both the studied plants and submitted of alcohols, aldehydes and ketones, terpenoids, fatty acids, higher esters (lactones).

Among the compounds – derivatives of α-piron were identified and was determined quantity of coumarin and 6 methylсоumarіn.

Since in the study we are interested in class of coumarins in plants, we are looking substance-markers and attention is drawn to the presence in the extracts specific components-aldehydes and carboxylic acids in the extract of aerial parts of lucerne sown (syn. romanian) and lupine luteus.


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