The quality training of pharmacists as an indicator of socially responsible behavior of higher education institutions

  • N. O. Tkachenko Zaporizhzhia State Medical University
Keywords: social responsibility, a higher education institution, the quality of training specialist Pharmacy


Rate the social function of medical (pharmaceutical) educational institutions is difficult. The quality of training of future specialists, in our opinion, is one of the main indicators of social responsibility of universities.

The aim of our work was to study quality status of training young specialists, which is integral component of competitiveness pharmacy specialists and indicator of socially responsible behavior of establishments of Pharmaceutical Education and Science.

The questionnaire for employers of Pharmaceutical labor market was specially developed for the experiment. The first part questionnaire is statistical data about the respondents; the second part is the list of competencies (knowledge and skills) of young pharmacy specialist which was necessary to estimate by practical specialists (retail segment of the industry). 151 pharmacy specialist from different regions of Ukraine took part in the survey.

The first set of questions «Knowledge of young professionals» showed appreciation of experts in knowledge «Rules storage and dispensing of medicines» (with a mean value of 4.17). The average professional knowledge of young specialist after graduation is 3.63.

In the second block of questions, respondents were evaluated the ability of graduate the average professional skills (general professional competence), which has a young specialist after graduation is 3.75.

The third block of questions, which was valued by experts is knowledge of professional and personal competencies. In this block of questions no one has also scored the highest rating of «5», but overall personal professional competence held by the young specialist after graduation is higher than the two previous overall assessment and is 3.92.

Conclusions. The modern pharmaceutical graduate of higher education institution are described on the basis of an expert assessment of professional competence working in the retail segment of the pharmaceutical market. We have identified the strong and weak points of professionalism (set of professional and personal competences).

Today, the young specialist has a sufficient level of knowledge on the storage and dispensing of drugs; rights, duties and responsibilities of a pharmacist; Ethics of business communication.  In practice, he shows sufficient level skills to work with modern computer hardware and software; in compliance with sanitary norms and rules; professional dialogue with doctors, patients and colleagues. Also it has sufficient skills to work in a team, worry about the order, accuracy, quality and self-control.

Institutions of higher education of pharmacy areas should pay attention to the positions that got a bad score from experts and strengthen the training activities to improve the quality of training of future graduates.


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