Study of turnover extemporaneous preparations in Ukraine on the basis of pharmaceutical law

  • V. O. Shapovalova Kharkiv Medical Academy of Post-graduate Education
  • Yu. V. Vasina Kharkiv Medical Academy of Post-graduate Education
  • V. V. Shapovalov Department of Health Kharkiv Regional State Administration
  • K. I. Kovalova Kharkiv Medical Academy of Post-graduate Education
Keywords: extemporaneous drugs, trafficking, pharmacies, pharmaceutical sector, provision of the population


In today's environment is a topical issue of improving the treatment system extemporaneous preparations in the framework of relations «doctor–patient–pharmacist» as part of the standards of good pharmacy practice (Good Pharmaceutical Practice).

The aim of the authors was to study the treatment of extemporaneous preparations in Ukraine and at the regional level (for example, the Kharkiv region) through the distribution of pharmacies with the extemporaneous preparation of a medicament in view of their form of ownership, location-based pharmaceutical law.

Materials research statistics were syndicated database Axioma and the State Service of Ukraine on Medicines with respect to the distribution network of pharmacies in Ukraine dealing with trafficking in extemporaneous preparations in 25 regions of Ukraine and in the Kharkiv region in particular. As an research methods used by regulatory, documentary, comparative and graphical analysis.

These findings suggest that today there is a problem with providing extemporaneous preparations of patients in need of high quality and safe medicines, including persons with disabilities and privileged contingent. Especially is relevant the problem in rural areas. According to the authors, the basis for the development of extemporaneous formulations in Ukraine is a state support extemporaneous pharmacies various forms of ownership by providing concessional financial and commodity loans, reduction of tariffs for communal services, making the Tax Code of Ukraine changes concerning tax reduction extemporaneous preparations.


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