Laboratory preparation and quality control of medicinal composition based on nanosilica and polymethylsiloxane

  • S. I. Chornoknyzhnyj Vinnitsa Pyrogov National Medical University
  • O. M. Cheplyaka Vinnitsa Pyrogov National Medical University
  • I. I. Gerashchenko Chuiko Institute of Surface Chemistry of NAS of Ukraine, Kyiv
Keywords: nanocomposition, nanosilica, polymethylsiloxane, mеchanochemistry, quality control


The prepared ex tempore adsorption composition which consists of nanosilica, polymethylsiloxane, metronidazole and decamethoxin serves as an effective mean for the topical treatment of wounds.

The aim of the study was the development of an optimal pathway for laboratory manufacturing and quality control of this drug.

We used the method of mechanochemical treatment in a ball mill, chemical methods of identification, absorption spectrophotometry in the IR, UV and visible regions, and the method of sowing on plates to determine microbiological purity.

To obtain a uniform powder composition capable wettable in aqueous medium, there is provided a three-step process comprising mechanosorption of metronidazole on nanosilica and, accordingly, of decametoxin – at polymethylsiloxane. The conditions of identification tests and assay of the ingredients of the composition were сlarified and optimized. It was found that microbiological purity of the composition does not yield to known drugs which intended for topical application. Total adsorption activity of the nanocomposition is stated on the absorption of methylene blue, special protein adsorption activity – on the binding of gelatin. The obtained results may be useful for the organization of the recent pharmacy and the future factory production of proposed nanocomposition.


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Production, quality control, standardization of medicines