Research and contents nitrate contamination and elemental composition of medical plant and infusion of Polygonum hydropiper L., Polygonum persicaria L.

  • I. A. Lukina Zaporizhzhia State Medical University
  • O. V. Mazulin Zaporizhzhia State Medical University
Keywords: anthropogenic pollution, nitrates, elemental composition, species Polygonum L., infusions, medicinal herbs


By now pharmacognostic analysis of medicinal plants includes only the determination of the content of active substances and the establishment of merchandising performance. But last years the constantly increase the level environmental pollution.

The aim of this study was to investigate the accumulation of nitrate and elemental composition in herbs Polygonum hydropiper L. and Polygonum persicaria L. flora of Ukraine, as well as the transition of these compounds in the infusion.

Determination of nitrates by ionometric method.

The elemental composition was determined on the instrument CAS-120 by Atomic absorption spectroscopy (AAS), atomization in an air-acetylene flame.

The accumulation of nitrates from different habitats in the herbs was Polygonum hydropiper L. from 115,36±9,48 to 330,44±28,13 mg/kg; Polygonum persicaria L. from 94,88 ± 9,81 to 337,8 ± 32,09 mg/kg. Daylight nitrate in the of infusions (1:10) amounted to 62.01% upon the initial concentration.

The quantitative content of inorganic compounds is not significantly different in macroelement composition (mg/100g): K (to 2140,0 ± 100,1), Ca (to 670,0 ± 55,3), Mg (to 590,0 ± 45,32 ), Si (to 315,0 ± 27,11), Na (to 160,0 ± 13,2), P (to 135,0 ± 11,3) and microelement : Fe (to 59,0 ± 5,77 ), Al (to 39,0 ± 3,32), Mn (to 33,0 ± 3,31), Sr (to 23,7 ± 0,21), Zn (to 2,3 ± 0,22). The accumulation of toxic chemicals and heavy metals was within the rules.

Transition inorganic substances in the extracts (1:10) from medical plant studied species was only to 1,01% and virtually no effect on the quality of the drugs.

The findings suggest the need for standardization of raw vegetable species of the genus Polygonum L. on nitrate content and elemental composition during quality control, which will increase the therapeutic efficacy and safety of medicines made from medicinal plants.


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