Formation and development of system of pharmacists postgraduate education in pharmaceutical informatics

  • А. I. Boyko Danylo Halytsky Lviv National Medical University
Keywords: postgraduate education of pharmacists, pharmaceutical informatics, education and methodical materials, pharmaceutical care for patients with diabetes mellitus, pharmaceutical databases and knowledge bases


Introduction of effective computer methods of information processing on medicines in pharmaceutical industry has caused objective necessity of their use of system of pharmacy education.

The aim of the research is to integration of teaching of discipline «Pharmaceutical informatics» with base directions of reforming of public health services system in Ukraine, maintenance of use of modern informatics and computer technologies in practical pharmacy. The materials: international and national documents, regulating of the medical and pharmaceutical care, reforming of pharmaceutical making system of public health services. The methods of a research: creation of computer databases, knowledge bases, studies of information needs; creation and updating of curriculums, educational projects.

The analysis of formation of system of pharmacy education on pharmaceutical informatics is carried out. Innovative ways of development are defined: program studying of pharmaceutical informatics with study of questions of creation and functioning of pharmaceutical databases and knowledge bases, computerisations of a supply with information of pharmacotherapy of socially significant illnesses (in particular, a diabetes), the introduction of the electronic prescription. Cycles of thematic improvement on use of modern computer technologies in pharmacy are developed and introduced.


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