Research of pharmaceutical market of the foam aerosols

  • A. O. Drozdova Shupyk National Medical Academy of Post-graduate Education, Kyiv
  • O. S. Soloviev Shupyk National Medical Academy of Post-graduate Education, Kyiv
Keywords: foam aerosol, pharmaceutical market, treatment, gynecologist


Medical and pharmaceutical foams are therapeutics systems which determine foams as a class of medicines systems modified by release of active pharmaceutical ingredients. Foams are structured disperse system in the form of accumulation of bubbles of gas (dispersed phase) which are divided by thin layers of liquid disperse environment and are designed for delivery of medicines to target organs (skin, mucous membranes etc.). Existing nomenclature of pharmaceutical foam drugs doesn’t allow complete resolution of complicated tasks regarding qualified medical aid. Therefore, it is very important to provide further researches in this field along with further development of the foam aerosols.

The aim of this research is assessment of the pharmaceutical market of Ukraine in terms of availability of foam drug in form of aerosol.

Marketing researches established that on pharmaceutical market of Ukraine (on 01. 05. 2015) 21 types of drugs have been registered in form of aerosols which are manufactured by 6 countries worldwide.

Fourteen of them are manufactured in Ukraine. Analysis of aerosols divided into pharmaceutical groups has found that most of them are treatment against wounds and sores (10 aerosols). Treatments in forms of aerosols with active ingredients  such as Decametoxine, Dexpantenol, Phenoterol are manufactured in Ukraine. Treatment with Dexpantenol, Zinc pirithioni, Salbutamol and Budesonit are imported to Ukraine by foreigner pharmaceutical companies. It has been found that Ukrainian market is sufficiently supplied by local pharmaceutical factories but such treatment as Scincap and Budenofalc are not manufactured in Ukraine. Besides, it was found out that pharmaceutical product in form of aerosols for prevention and treatment of gynecological diseases are not manufactured in Ukraine as well.


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