Coverage of influenza vaccination of patients with diabetes and determination of barriers for implementation of vaccination

Keywords: diabetes, influenza, vaccination, influenza vaccination, vaccination coverage, vaccination barriers, pharmacist


People with diabetes (PWD) are considered to be at high risk of developing severe influenza complications that can lead to hospitalization and sometimes death. It is because of the high risk of developing severe complications that WHO recommends seasonal influenza vaccination (SIV) for PWD.

The purpose of the work is to establish the level of coverage of vaccination in PWD and to identify barriers to vaccination in this group in order to overcome obstacles.

We analyzed data on the coverage of SIV in PWD and studied the problems of low adherence to vaccination in PWD. We used content analysis, bibliosemantic, analytical, generalizing analyses. An insufficient level of vaccination coverage of PWD has been established. Barriers to vaccination in PWD have been identified. Barriers can be: age, health status, allergic reactions and chronic diseases of people, lower level of education, gender and their employment in economic activities. At the same time, gaps in the knowledge of health care provider, insufficient involvement of endocrinologists and diabetologists in informing PWD about vaccination, a limited number of imported vaccines, and low physical and economic accessibility of vaccines negatively affect the coverage of SIV. A significant factor influencing the level of vaccination coverage of people is their vaccination hesitation. Pharmacists should actively participate in the vaccination campaign by raising public awareness and providing advice to PWD who regularly visit pharmacies. To increase the vaccination coverage of PWD, it is necessary to introduce training programs for doctors and pharmacists to attract them to influenza vaccination companies. Simultaneously conduct educational campaigns and education of PWD. It is advisable to organize a free flu vaccination in medical and diagnostic diabetic hospital (institutions) to increase the physical and economic accessibility of vaccination for PWD. A large number of studies showing the cost-effectiveness of SIV in PWD should be a significant factor for health authorities to improve measures to increase the level of coverage of SIV in patients in this risk group.


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